The Interactive component ofthis site is currently being set up and will be active in
the very near future. It will consist ofa ’KiD SaFechat zone intended for all ages.
It will be broken down into seperate channels for each distinct country ofthe worl
as well as many special interest groups with many exciting topics. These channels
will be moderated and enforced for content and posting.There will be no swearing or
misuse oftrust and rigid standards will be applied to make it comfortable and ofgood
educational value for users. Users ofall ages may quite readily interact and discuss
issues ofeach particular country. Ifyour child is currently studying a particular
country they may chat live time with residents ofthat country and more easily gain
knowledge ofwhat it is truly like and establish friendships around the globe. Older
users will find it extraordinarily useful in arranging travel arrangements or maybe
preparingfor trips abroad by discovering the current climate,any festivals currently
underway as well as establish friendships worldwide.

There will be a registration process that will allow parents to feel that their child or
children are well within a secure environment and this information will be held in
confidentiality by the administrators ofthe site.Law enforcement personal will be
monitoring and patrolling the servers.As wellthere will be channel operators and
moderators to ensure a completely’KiD SaFe’ environment for one and all. It is our
intention to operate a very secure interactive medium where you as a parent will feel
your child is getting educational and positive influences and will have their scope of
understanding broadened in a wonderful exciting way. Ifyou have any concerns not
addressed here or have further questions regarding this medium please feel free to
contact the administration at [email protected] and they will answer all concerns.
Also you should first read the Terms of Agreementfor the chat server as it will
further answer issues we feel are relevant to its use.

As a parent you should understand and be aware ofthe fact it is ultimately up to you
to watch over and direct your child or children when browsing online as the perils of
not doing so far outweigh the advantages ofthem exploring on their own. Please as a
parent make note ofthis and take the time to watch your child and how they interact
online and explore the options you have to control the content and sites they see.

We look forward to your returning when this extremely exciting medium is up and
running and will post a WHaTs NeW notice when its available for use. Until then
we hope you enjoy what this exciting new site has to offer and look forward to your
contributions and ideas.

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