GLOBALSeeknet is a newly created valuable educational resource for the exploration
and discovery ofour world ~and the people in it.We are now announcing an exciting
new internet concept designed and created as a meeting place for students ofhumanity. is the place to go when seeking answers to global questions.

Our comprehensive and extensive website will have all detailed factual information
and, where possibletell stories and provide both still and moving images ofevery
country and people ofthe globe. will be a worldwide interactive
library providing simple and short answers to timeless questions such as:

Who are we ?
Where do we live ?
How many of us are there ?
What do we do ?
How and What do we worship?
How do we celebrate ourselves ?
What is our own vision of the past, present and future ?
What is the local impact ofour geography and history?

With a 450 plus channel chat server,GLOBALSeek will grow larger and stronger
every day.

We will be the home of your “need to know”-whatever the reason. GLOBALSeek is
designed to become part ofyour family. is a meeting place where
we can all join together as an interactive on air encyclopedia ofhumankind-with a
pulse beating louder and growing larger every day.We can all be learned scholars and
contributors. We invite everyone across the globe to participate in our vision and to
provide good quality pictorial images and thoughtful informative stories about you
and your family-from each and every country,reion and people of the world. Send
us your pictures,short videos and stories to be carried on as a
continuous interactive exchange ofdreams, visions,stories and above all facts about
humanity. Join with us.Let us link you with other individuals and institutions all
around the world to seek answers and share knowledge ofhuman civilization. Increase
global awareness and make the world a better place.GLOBALSeeknet is the warm feel
ofyour curiosity reaching out and making contact with new friends around the globe!

Come home everyday to your friends at

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